Robotic Solutions

All automation companies talk a good game. At Atlas, we back it up….with results. We understand that excellent technical skills aren’t the goal, they’re the price of entry. We will design, build and integrate a solution that will achieve your goals. Our engineering documents will be accurate and complete. Our designs will function as promised. Our manufacturing will be precise and durable. Your project will be spearheaded by a contract manager that is intimately familiar with your industry. Our finished product will exceed your expectations. Every customer. Every project. Every time. PERIOD!

Robotic Integration

Our business cards say we’re mechanical engineers, controls engineers, estimators and project managers. In reality, we’re automation experts, embracing your company’s vision while understanding the motivation behind it.

Atlas transforms visions of high speed production into a reality. Whether your program is the front of the line through the end of the line or something in between, Atlas will work with you to improve your operations, profitability and financial success while solving all of the “what if” questions before they are ever asked.

Atlas will customize a solution that specifically achieves your goals to include:

  • Providing you with the best automation equipment on the market.
  • Working with the robot vendor of your preference.
  • Performing estimated cycle times and reach studies.
  • Backing the equipment with 24-7-365 service support.
  • Engineering seamless communications between the processing equipment and the automation for maximum safety and performance.

You can trust Atlas with your integration needs. After all, we have been providing Press to Press Automation Solutions to customers around the world for over 50 years.